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Wrist rope


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Wrist rope

Is generally familiar with the ribbon material supplier or manufacturer as long as a see ribbon can understand this ribbon is made of what material is made of nylon or cotton or pp polypropylene or rayon, but we ordinary people see ribbon material may not be so professional but still have their own way, such as the color is not very bright, such as nylon material of the ribbon color is bright-coloured color, shiny, compared with cotton to narrowly, take a look at our alone it is sometimes hard to distinguish between material can also be a kind of way is that of touching.

Unique structure: its reliability, stability, can be applied to different equipment and adapt to different environmental requirements; Smooth edges and corners: make sure not to hurt the hand of the installer and prevent the insulation of the wire from being scratched by the edges and corners; Pull rope strength: more than the national standards, even more than the aerospace standards, with 7 different tensile strength, is a very economic choice.

Curved tip: the tip is bent towards the head to improve the installation speed and reduce the installation cost. The initial winding can be faster and easier to pick up even if it falls to the ground. Tip of the anti-slip line: can choose the size of tip tip to ensure the smooth introduction of the belt, tip design can prevent the strap from slipping out of the head when the strap is fixed;

Weaving belt teeth distribution density: more number of teeth can be tighter and more firmly bound goods, also has the effect of anti-slip, to ensure the feasibility of goods tied; Ribbon of the production process, first of all, from your order to the sales department, sales department confirmed that the guest has to pay the deposit after place the order to documentary production department, documentary subordinate single production to the production workshop, production workshop, after receiving the order according to the guest to provide the same according to the order quantity, requirements, specifications and open documentary the accuracy of the production workshop production of the single machine and reply delivery, documentary production delivery reply business, business reply guest production delivery, after having confirmed the guest confirmation of production delivery production big goods.

Good quality elastic belt durable, not easy to damage and deformation, so in the procurement of the time to identify the formal elastic belt manufacturers, so that the product is more competitive advantage. Fabric manufacturers will select fine materials, whether it is knitting or mechanical woven products superior quality, elastic belt manufacturers will also according to customer requirements, the way of use and use environment to choose the right fabric for production. Want to assure basic product quality so, want to choose proper manufacturer of formal elastic band above all.


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