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Wrist rope


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Wrist rope

The color difference between the fabric sample and the customer's original sample is found. The color difference between the ribbon after the customer's batch of color samples and the ribbon after the bulk production. Causes of color difference are generally: material and batch number: reflected color light; The difference of the form of organization, the degree of density, the difference of dyeing and weaving process: dyeing method, the quality of dye; Horizontal color difference between the dyed bulk and the confirmed sample strip, vertical color difference between each strip, machine and condition difference, color difference between the dyed batches, etc.

The characteristics of the ribbon of the manufacturer: the low temperature dyeing of cotton ribbon and organic cotton ribbon, bamboo ribbon, the high temperature dyeing of polyester ribbon and nylon ribbon, the difference in characteristics is also the cause of the color difference. Rich design, color diversity is not limited. Color comparison is less, the price of coherent screen printing to high, compared to the practical color rich and difficult to distinguish drawings. Very characteristic is, with the same tenderness as the belt, color fastness compared to high

Transfer printing process is also widely used in the gift industry, especially in the rope production often used in this process. This process has low cost and good results. In the printing dot pattern has the advantage of the relative price, and heat transfer printing hanging rope belongs to the relative environmental protection, so it is also widely loved by customers.

Heat transfer rope production, the gray belt is popular for white, the whole rope below including the background color and text patterns are sublimated up.

Therefore, it provides great convenience for users to design all the consequences of hanging rope. In fact, it can be made according to any color pattern of customers. While the traditional hanging rope silk printing process is popular in the color of the ribbon printed on the customer's pattern and LOGO, most gift manufacturers are limited by the cost of printing solid color plate, so in the number of color is difficult to operate, and the finished product is high. And appear easily deviation. Heat transfer because it is all the pattern transfer will not be such a situation.

Ink at first glance and glue paste is not very different, but glue paste printed on smooth fabrics such as wind clothing, the general color fastness is very poor, can be scraped off with strong nails, but ink can overcome this disadvantage. So that dust coat, average ink to print. The characteristics of bright color, image is clear. Some time ago on the market arisen a wave of the head seal ~ ~ don't know everyone to pay attention to, so clear hyper-realistic printing in general can only be printed ink printing such effect ~ sometimes can also sprinkle on ink gold, silver feel better decorative effect.


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