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Wrist rope


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Wrist rope

In general, the front of the ordinary ribbon texture, color are clear and beautiful than the opposite side, it is easy to identify the front and the back. In particular, the front texture of the outer surface of the plant and color matching pattern woven belt is bound to be clear and pleasing to the eye.

But how do we tell if we happen to encounter a ribbon that is indistinguishable from the opposite? In fact, we can according to the pattern of the ribbon, design front clear, clean, design lines clear, distinct, bright color and other methods to identify. General ribbon positive pattern, colour and lustre than the opposite clear and beautiful. With a special view of the plant and color pattern fabric its positive pattern must be clear and pleasing to the eye. This pattern is especially noticeable when weaving jacquard ribbons.

The deviation of the conveyor belt is the main cause of the brush edge of the conveyor belt. For this reason, the manufacturer of the rope belt directly sells 2 anti-deviation devices every 10 frames on the basis of the original frame, so that the deviation of the conveyor belt is automatically corrected. Shunde nylon belt, this method is simple and easy to operate, and the anti-deviation effect is very good.

All the idlers used now have a right-angle shape between the end face and the surface of the idlers. When the idlers are not flexible in rotation, the sharp right-angle edge will be embedded in the conveyor belt like a knife, because the conveyor belt is loaded with goods and bears downward bending force. In order to fundamentally solve this problem, the price of nylon belt, designed a circular arc roller, industrial nylon belt, the process replaced the original traditional process, even if the load on the conveyor belt is large, the conveyor belt formed between two strings of rollers bending, will not damage the conveyor belt, fundamentally solve the longitudinal tear of the conveyor belt.

In the development of new fibers, water-soluble nonwoven fabric is an environmentally friendly product, and its application range is gradually expanding. Water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (pva) fiber is used to produce spunlaced non-woven fabric, which is a good material for radiation-proof and pollution-proof clothing. In order to increase the protective effect, it can also be combined with water soluble film to increase the barrier performance of protective clothing.


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