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Wrist rope


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Wrist rope

The ribbon manufacturer gives you an overview of the basic process and process of dyeing workshop: polyester fiber entering the belt -- pre-washing -- pre-drying -- coloring tank -- pre-drying (infrared)-- high-temperature baking -- post-washing (reduction cleaning)-- post-drying -- belt dropping. Infrared predrying function: dye molecules initially attached to the fiber, prevent the appearance of color problems. High temperature baking function: make the dye molecules fully into the fiber, complete the dye dyeing process.

Reduction cleaning function: to make the excess dye molecules to decompose, to ensure the product color fastness. Nylon fiber into the belt -- coloring tank -- steam from hot steam -- water washing -- drying -- off, steam function: make acid dye molecules fully react with the corresponding functional groups in the fiber to complete the process of acid dye dyeing the fiber. Washing function: remove the dye molecules that have not reacted completely, and ensure the color fastness of ribbon, ribbon and other products.

Long time contact with the tapetum ribbon, a long time, more experience, by feeling can feel the quality of the tapetum ribbon, this way to see the tapetum ribbon is wrong, how to identify the quality of the tapetum ribbon is right? First of all, see whether there is a wrong pattern of the tapetum ribbon, whether the size of the pattern text is correct. Each text out of the effect and the original or original picture is the same, it shows that this nylon ribbon woven well, because it can be from the text above to meet customer needs.

Second, look at the color of the tapetum ribbon, color is generally the choice of color color. In this case, the color contrast is compared with the original color number, which is not specified and can only be judged by the senses. However, there will be professional color contrast lighting for normal color contrast, and D65 lighting contrast is commonly used for clothing

Look at the feel of the tapetum ribbon, the feel of the tapetum ribbon is used to identify the quality of the important content of the tapetum ribbon. Specifically, with the hand touching the feelings of the tapetum ribbon in the psychological response, because of the variety of tapetum ribbon, high or low quality is also different, tapetum ribbon feel effect, there is a greater difference. Feel has the following several aspects: 1. 2. Smooth and rough surface of nylon ribbon; 3. The softness and hardness of the polyester ribbon; 4. The thickness and thickness of the tapetum ribbon; 5. Whether the surface of the tapetum ribbon is smooth, whether the lock edge is beautiful; Whether the whole strip of the nylon ribbon is straight or not, there is no bending phenomenon


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The phone:0760-23335277


Mobile phone:13702509450

address:No. 18, ma shi road, ma ling administration district, zhongshan shinan district, guangdong province