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Manual tassel


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Manual tassel

Have likewise machine spindle more demand just stop bearing to satisfied the demand of the weft insertion, otherwise it may be due to the inappropriate of outage time lead to the occurrence of defective ribbon: place stop function is specially planned in order to solve the above problem, it can according to the practice of inkle loom weft insertion requirements to set, when the ribbon machine in working condition, the unbridled moments of uncertainty to trigger the abort button, ribbon machine will be set in the previous location accurate suspension (this bearing in high speed automatic needle loom in the steel in general

Reed stroke condition, the shuttle woven belt machine generally see the condition of the shuttle), so as to ensure that there is no defect in the case of shutdown to operate the ribbon machine, as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of man-made reasons for the formation of bad ribbon.

Many ribbon manufacturers in the mass production of silk screen products, ribbon printing, ribbon printing processing, the need to pay attention to the problem of printing, screen is the basis of screen printing, the selection of appropriate screen is an indispensable link. Due to the printing processing, screen printing is widely used, so the factors related to it is various. In the selection of screen, according to the specific situation and printing requirements, to choose different printing screen, usually in the selection of screen can be considered from the following different angles.

(1) according to the ribbon printing, printing price of ribbon substrate type selection of silk screen. When choosing, press fiber fabric, paper product, glass, pottery and porcelain, metal, plastic, wood product, electronic product to wait for a few kinds to undertake choosing to use respectively.

(2) according to the nature of printing ink slurry screen selection of different ink has different adaptability. So in the selection of screen to consider the ink drying time and vivid color, substrate ink absorption capacity and other factors.

(3) according to the printing screen material and performance selection screen selection should consider the screen itself material and physical properties, according to different suitable selection of the corresponding screen to be used as the printing material.

(4) according to the printing ribbon to choose screen, choose to check the printing speed, printing pressure, printing plate resistance, substrate absorption capacity.

The appraisal of color fastness chooses eye to measure appraisal method normally, it is standard sample with gray sample card namely, below certain illumination and environmental condition, the eye of choose and employ persons compares gray card and sample, with the original sample that concludes sample change color and white cloth touch color series. Gray CARDS (for discoloration and staining, respectively) have five fastness levels, i.e. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Level 5 is good, level 1 is bad. Make up half a level in every two levels, i.e. 4, 5, 3, 4, 2, 3, 1, 2, so our daily gray card is level 5, 9, and the result of color fastness appraisal is one of 9 levels. If the color fastness of a certain ribbon goods does not reach the level of the standard rules, then the ribbon goods are unqualified.


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