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Manual tassel


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Manual tassel

The use of rope belt to people brought a lot of help, but some rope belt manufacturers, friends in order to be able to quickly run the rope belt, the rope belt will not be the routine inspection before the operation, so lead to the problem, then how do we operate rope belt?

Operating rope work is the first need to be aware of is the premise of preparatory work, before using it, you should carefully check the equipment is how, see the power in any damage, and then also need to be ready for outer wrapping paper, these are all we need to pay attention to the problem, the second should standardize the use of it, when to use it, you should know how it works, operating procedures, etc., in the process of using, should first open the power, let production line preheating first few minutes, so, can very good by adjusting the length of the straps, in use is finished, you should cut off power supply, Prevent it from electric leakage.

The research group of the rope-belt industry, which takes workers as the main body, has successfully designed and manufactured a high-speed single non-woven belt weaving machine by itself, and realized that the weaving belt does not need shuttle, and the process is shortened, the floor area is small, and the labor productivity is improved. In the 1970s, due to the promotion of continuous dyeing and ironing machine, the processing of colored belts, from the traditional process of dyeing and weaving first, to the development of dyeing and dyeing first, weaving and bleaching first, processing after ironing continuous, weaving technology into the mechanization of large-scale production. In the early 1980s, the industry introduced high-speed non-woven ribbon weaving machines from Switzerland, Italy and Germany, finishing and ironing machines, winding machines and warp warping machines, and the ribbon weaving technology entered a new stage of development.

Chinese weaving arts and crafts are divided into six categories according to raw materials: bamboo weaving, rattan weaving, straw weaving, brown weaving, willow weaving and hemp weaving. The breed that braids handicraft basically has commodity of daily use, appreciate article, furniture, toy, shoe cap to wait 5 kinds. Daily necessities have mat (ground mat, lying mat), cushion, cushion for leaning on, all kinds of basket (flower basket, vegetable basket, fruit basket), basin cover (flowerpot cover), box, travel hammock, plate (fruit plate, bread plate), door curtain, basket, lamp shade, etc. Appreciation has hanging screen, screen and figures, animal modeling weaving crafts.

Knitting enthusiasts in China has been on the rise year by year, more and more female friends like knitting, engaged in knitting. The publication of knitting books is also increasing year by year. They are no longer satisfied with buying ready-made clothes, but prefer unique and individual clothes. Crochet and crochet can well meet the needs of modern women in pursuit of individuality.


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The phone:0760-23335277


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