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Manual tassel


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Manual tassel

Active embroidery machine is selected to embroider the edge of ribbon embroidery, that is, stripe pattern is obtained on the grey cloth under the control of jacquard organization. All kinds of fabrics can be used as machine - embroidered grey fabric, but most of them are thin, especially cotton and artificial cotton. There are two types of small machine embroidery and large machine embroidery, and large machine embroidery is common.

Large machine embroidery lace with 13.7 meters (15 yards) of embroidery length, on 13.5 meters of fabric, can be made full embroidery or cut into lace strips. According to different requirement can choose different embroider bottom cloth, make next different lacy kind, be like water to dissolve lacy, net cloth lacy, pure cotton lacy, terylene lacy and lacy of all sorts of gauze sliver. The pattern can be adjusted according to the demand.

In various items of color fastness, the current commonly used color fastness is the color fastness to conflict, sweat, wash, light, water, wash, climate and other items. In real life, the first basis for the use of goods to determine which items, including sweat stain, dry abrasion resistance, water fastness is the basic safety of textiles technical requirements of the project, all dyed textiles should be checked. In addition, about infant textile products also check the color fastness to saliva.

If the warp and weft yarn thickness that same density fabric chooses is different, so fabric practice density condition still can have difference. It is necessary to consider the fineness and density of warp and weft yarns at the same time when comparing the tightness of fabrics of different thick and fine yarns, that is, the tightness, that is, the relative density of the fabric, is the ratio of warp (weft) yarn diameter to the uniform center interval of adjacent two warp (weft) yarns, expressed as percentage. The rigidity of the fabric with tight warp and weft direction increases, the crease resistance decreases, the flatness resistance increases, the damage resistance decreases, and the handle plate is hard. Tight too small, fabric too loose, lack of body bone.

It should be pointed out that the warp tightness, the weft tightness and the total tightness of the fabric restrict each other. When the total tightness is certain, the fabric is tight and rigid when the longitudinal tightness and latitudinal tightness are roughly equal. The longitudinal tightness is greater than or less than the zonal tightness, which makes the fabric soft and drape well. The different values of warp - and - weft tightness also affect the warp - and - weft fracture strength.


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