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The characteristics and distinguishing quality of cotton ribbon are described



In a ribbon factory, a cotton ribbon is actually a fabric made from cotton yarns or cotton and cotton-type chemical fiber blended yarns. It has the following characteristics.

(1). Microorganisms have destructive effects on cotton fabric. Its performance is not resistant to mold, cotton belt storage time too long, there will be discoloration, odor and other phenomena.

(2). Cotton belt light resistance, heat resistance in general. Cotton will slowly oxidize in sunlight and the atmosphere, reducing its strength. Long-term high temperature effect will damage cotton cloth, but cotton belt can withstand 125~150℃ temporary high temperature treatment, temporarily will not have any impact.

(3) cotton ribbon is alkali resistance not acid resistance. Cotton on inorganic acid is very unstable, even very dilute sulfuric acid will make it damaged, but the weak effect of organic acid, almost no damage. Cotton is more alkali resistant, general dilute alkali at room temperature on cotton does not take effect, but strong alkali effect, cotton strength will decline. "Mercerized" cotton cloth can be obtained by treating cotton cloth with 20% burnt lye.

(4). Cotton belt hygroscopicity is very strong, shrinkage rate is also large, the data shows that about 4~10%.



How to distinguish the quality of apparel ingredients - ribbon? What are the methods to judge the quality of ribbon? Visual inspection of ribbon factory:

A. Color difference test: naked eye observation shows that there is no Yin and Yang color on the body of the belt, and the color and grain (the needle edge of each belt must be one color) cannot be exchanged between the needle edge and cloth edge.

B. Wool: according to the naked eye observation, the two surfaces and sides of the woven label should not have serious hairballs or hairs that affect the surface of the woven label.

C. Skipping needle: according to the naked eye observation, the weaving tape cannot have skipping needle.

D. Pollution: according to the naked eye observation, the surface of the woven tape should not be contaminated with oil, dye or dust. Above is the general naked eye judgment to judge the quality of ribbon good and bad methods.

Mildew-proof cotton woven belt is a widely used textile products, shoes and clothing, industry, agriculture, military and other industrial sectors of the demand for the ribbon is very large. The quality of ribbon production directly affects the use of ribbon. However, due to the multiple production steps of ribbon, it is inevitable that some ribbon manufacturers have some small problems in the production process, which directly affects the quality of ribbon produced in the final production. If the causes of these problems are discovered in time, more losses can be avoided for enterprises.


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The phone:0760-23335277


Mobile phone:13702509450

address:No. 18, ma shi road, ma ling administration district, zhongshan shinan district, guangdong province