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What advantages does the jacquard ribbon have



The jacquard ribbon of the ribbon factory can be used for high and middle grade clothing materials or decoration industry materials (such as curtains, sand release materials). Jacquard tape has a complicated manufacturing process. Weft and warp weave each other, forming different patterns, concave and convex, weave more flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds, animals and other beautiful patterns. Product features: jacquard ribbon is soft, delicate and smooth with unique texture, good luster, drape and air permeability, color fastness

High (yarn dyeing). The pattern range of weft jacquard ribbon is large and exquisite, with distinct color layers and a strong three-dimensional sense, while the pattern of weft jacquard ribbon is relatively simple and simple. Jacquard ribbon is divided into warp jacquard and weft jacquard. Nylon ribbon feel is soft, the surface brightness, using on durability is strong, sustainable ten years do not change, the price is high, the proportion is greater than the water, the water sink. Raw yarn, nylon ribbon yarn on dyeing to dye after the first, but due to the first dyeing again ribbon on fixed color is not stable, so often used nylon ribbon is ribbon dyeing again first.



Polyvinyl formalin (pva) fiber, not easy to ignite, close to the flame melting shrinkage, burning the top of a little flame, until the fibers are melting into a gelatinous flame, there is thick black smoke, send out bitter smell, burning left black beads, can be crushed with your fingers. Polyvinyl chloride fiber, difficult to burn, from the fire is extinguished, the flame is yellow, lower end green white smoke, send out pungent acrid acid taste, after burning ash is black brown irregular hard block, fingers are not easy to twist broken.

Identify the fabric of the ribbon, experienced people know what the fabric of the ribbon is, the width and thickness of the approximate. But as a newcomer to the ribbon industry, to reach such a level obviously still rely on the accumulation of experience. Identification of ribbon: touch (ribbon feel), see its color, burning and other methods.

Nylon, also known as nylon fabric, feels soft and smooth, with bright colors and good luster. Polypropylene (PP) fabric felt hard, rough, poor gloss; Polyester fabric ribbon color is rigid, but good color fastness, heavy proportion; Polyester staple (also known as polyester civil silk, commonly known as polyester cotton) polyester civil silk fabric feel similar to cotton material, feel soft.

Jacquard: weft jacquard is made of yarn woven in the transverse direction of the jacquard. Warp jacquard tape is woven by jacquard loom in vertical direction. Jacquard with rich color, do not show monotony, pattern three-dimensional feeling stronger, higher class. Jacquard belt width is not limited, but also to sample custom.


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The phone:0760-23335277


Mobile phone:13702509450

address:No. 18, ma shi road, ma ling administration district, zhongshan shinan district, guangdong province