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State how the ribbon factory is packing


Ribbon factory: when the finished products of ribbon are packaged, the ribbon factory puts several packets of biochemical desiccant in the rectangular box. The ribbon manufacturer guarantees the moisture content in the environment to 60% to prevent the hardware products from rusting due to damp. Fluoron fibers are commonly used in the textile industry to make high performance sewing threads. It is easy to identify fiber by combustion method, but difficult to judge blended products. A yarn is drawn from the warp and weft directions (i.e. straight and horizontal directions).

Leather ribbon: in the ribbon will usually use some pieces of leather for decoration. A small amount of leather mildewproof antibacterial agent can be added on the leather varnish to form a layer of mildewproof and bacteriostatic layer on the leather surface. Ensure that leather will not be affected by moisture and mildew.



Warehouse control bamboo woven products and wood, rattan, awn, sunflower, grass and other finished products should not be piled directly on the floor, should be separated by stack board, and from the wall > 10CM. Material warehouse and finished products warehouse should be conducted once a month the sterilization treatment, in combination with the practical situation of your company, first of all, keep the floor clean sanitation, fabrics, packaging materials and finished products warehouse to start the first three months of once a month, three months after once every three months for sterilization processing, used to drag AEM5700 - Spray fungicide 5% added to the water sweep the floor once (note: the plum rains season should be once a month).

Polyvinyl formalin (pva) fiber, not easy to ignite, close to the flame melting shrinkage, burning the top of a little flame, until the fibers are melting into a gelatinous flame, there is thick black smoke, send out bitter smell, burning left black beads, can be crushed with your fingers. Polyvinyl chloride fiber, difficult to burn, from the fire is extinguished, the flame is yellow, lower end green white smoke, send out pungent acrid acid taste, after burning ash is black brown irregular hard block, fingers are not easy to twist broken.

Spandex scientific name polyurethane fiber, near the fire side of melting burning, burning flame is blue, leaving the fire to continue to melt burning, emitting a special irritating odor, burning ash for soft fluffy black ash. Flon scientific name polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, ISO organization said it is fluorite fiber, near the flame only melting, difficult to ignite, do not burn, the edge of the flame is blue and green carbonization, melting and decomposition, toxic gas, melting for hard round black beads.


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The phone:0760-23335277


Mobile phone:13702509450

address:No. 18, ma shi road, ma ling administration district, zhongshan shinan district, guangdong province