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The advantages of glue slurry application in ribbon factory are described


Ribbon factory mucilage and widely used in water slurry, due to the ribbon factory coverage is very good, ribbon factory make dark clothes can also be printed on any light color, and has certain gloss and stereo feeling, make the garment look more high-end, it spread rapidly, almost every printing on the T can use it. But because it has certain hardness, do not suit the spot design of large area so, the design of large area is good still use water pulp to print, adorn some glue pulp next, can solve the problem with hard glue pulp of large area already, can highlight the layering sense of design again; Still have a kind of method is the spot design of large area sneak empty.

Sew half of the cloth, that is, turn over the cylinder seam, sew half the width of an elastic band along the edge of the cloth. Leave 2 cm in the center of the seam allowance for threading the elastic tape. The elastic band used by this girl is wider than the force, so we use the method of box sewing. That way, the elastic is not stacked, but just zigzag a few stitches back and forth. It is ok to sew the mouth that wears elastic band at the end.



Make it is rotten effect, but wear to rise from beginning to end a bit hard hard, so good still water, glue pulp is united in wedlock to solve the problem of large area printing is better. Have smooth and dumb face, soft, thin, environmental protection etc., can stretch ~ ~ generally mucilage printing is more commonly used and practice cost, can't just rely on infrared preliminary drying temperature to control the color difference of the front of ribbon dyeing, especially, coffee, tea and other sensitive color, must with the help of a migration agent the joint application of additives, such as, talent to reach better dyeing effect.

Effect of infrared predrying temperature on ribbon. Polyester ribbon after pre-treatment and dip pad dyeing process, before entering the hair color box generally through infrared pre-drying treatment, in order to prevent the phenomenon of dye migration in the drying process, to prevent color flowers and color difference and other defects. When the infrared pre-baking temperature is below 80℃, the front and back color difference of the ribbon is relatively large, it is difficult to reach the customer's application request. When the infrared pre-drying temperature reaches more than 100℃, the two sides of the ribbon color difference phenomenon is improved.

This is because the pre-drying reached more than 100℃, the ribbon of the basic evaporation of water, the eve of the increase in the ability of dye transfer. Considering the actual dyeing cost and energy consumption, it is more appropriate to control the infrared pre-drying temperature between 100℃ and 150℃. Cost according to the type of billet thickness and liquid rate, the higher the rate of billet with liquid, the higher the temperature of infrared pre-drying.


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The phone:0760-23335277


Mobile phone:13702509450

address:No. 18, ma shi road, ma ling administration district, zhongshan shinan district, guangdong province