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What are the categories of plastic ribbons


    Nylon ribbon material to smooth and shiny and material is lighter and cotton ribbon is more soft and delicate, feel good. But far worse pp polypropylene material ribbon clearly feel feels rough, burnish is dim, with most of the time if we really can't a look at the second touch to identify its material, we can also according to the burning method to identify, after all, a lot of ribbon material rich in fiber and various chemical composition is different, the smell of burning time release is also each are not identical.



Plastic tape, as its name states, is a plastic tape that binds objects. Its plastic tie belt is also known as: tie belt, tie wire, tie wire belt, tie wire belt. And the type of plastic tie belt is divided into: self-locking plastic tie belt, label plastic tie belt, buckle plastic tie belt, anti-dismantling (lead seal) plastic tie belt, fixed head plastic paper tie belt, bolt (aircraft head) plastic tie belt, bead hole plastic tie belt, fish bone tie belt, weather resistant plastic tie belt and so on.

Plastic webbing clips are divided into a total of categories:

Different categories of wire clips correspond to different binding products, because there are no small restrictions on the use, so in the use of good must be good for all types of product properties.

Standard wire clip: this type of clip is often used for cables, wires, pipes and optical fiber. Due to the good material performance of the product itself, it has a durable corrosion resistance, the use of electronic equipment and household appliances industry and other industries.

2. Circular flat plastic wire clip: this product is a kind of product that can be continuously released and reused, and can quickly clamp the front of flat cable without other plates or chassis.

Plastic twisted wire ring: often used for binding wires and cables. Common places such as hosts are reconnected and reusable.

Spring plastic clamps: this product will provide a solution for quick installation and arrangement of round and flat cables and pipes. Spring clamps can also be used for lining, glass, display or sign to check the addition or replacement of wires. Just remove the unscrewed end of the spring clamps and work.

In the production workshop, the production supervisor will draw the yarn according to the material required by the customer. For example, all pure cotton ribbons, whether dyed or not, will be drawn first, because all our cotton ribbons are woven before dyed, except for thick cotton belts, which will be dyed before woven. However, our polyester webling is the opposite of cotton webling. All our polyester webling is dyed before woven, because the color will be very uniform and the loss will be reduced.


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The phone:0760-23335277


Mobile phone:13702509450

address:No. 18, ma shi road, ma ling administration district, zhongshan shinan district, guangdong province