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Lets see what the main types of ribbon are


   The main categories of woven belt are woven belt and knitted belt. Webling, especially jacquard webling, is somewhat similar to the process of cloth marking, but the warp of cloth marking is fixed and the pattern is expressed by the weft. The basic weft of the ribbon is fixed, and the pattern is expressed by the warp yarns with a small machine. Each printing, production and adjustment of the machine may take a long time and is relatively inefficient. But it is possible to produce a wide variety of dazzling products, not always the same faces as cloth labels. The main functions of ribbon are decorative and functional. Such as the popular mobile phone sling. After the belt is woven, you can also screen print all kinds of text/patterns, which is generally cheaper than weaving the text and patterns directly. 


Causes of wave formation in ribbon:

1. The reed wears yarn unevenly, with too much yarn on both sides and too little yarn in the middle.

2. The reed is too big and the weft is pulled too tight.

3, disk head pull yarn uneven, both sides of the pull tight, the middle pull too loose.

4. The yarn receiving method is wrong and the balance drop pressure is not good.

Measures to prevent waves:

1. Adopt the standard reed and adopt the method of 1 or 2 groups.

2. According to the width of the ribbon, select the reed to wear.

3, the center and the two sides of the yarn on a few, or the middle of the loose down some.

4, according to the practice of ribbon to receive, pressure weight according to the number of the average pressure.

Raw element of ribbon. The main attention from the raw yarn used is whether the same batch, because the different batch of yarn contains "oil" condition is not on the contrary, such as blending will become the elements of the pattern in the dyeing process; Secondly, the raw material can be stopped before the treatment, after the essence of the raw material dyeing and coloring effect is very good, because the treatment in advance on the yarn "oil" is removed and the dye can be directly with the fiber contact dyeing, there is no protection.

Nylon/tetolon/PP polypropylene/acrylic/cotton/polyester/gold and silver onion/rayon/spandex/light silk, nylon and PP ribbon: the distinction between general nylon ribbon is woven before dyeing, so the cut after the color of the yarn because of uneven dyeing will be suffused with white color of this yarn, and PP ribbon because is to dyeing then weave, so no yarn into white phenomenon; Compared with PP ribbon, nylon ribbon is shiny and soft. By the chemical reaction of combustion; Generally, the price of nylon ribbon is higher than PP ribbon.


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The phone:0760-23335277


Mobile phone:13702509450

address:No. 18, ma shi road, ma ling administration district, zhongshan shinan district, guangdong province